Temporary staff placements

Every business encounters staffing shortfalls from time to time: to meet an urgent market need, to fill in for an absent member of the permanent staff, or to carry out a particular project. Partnering with Interiman Group offers the following benefits: Flexible management of fluctuating workloads. / Access to our extensive network of qualified resources. / Swift recruitment of replacement staff. / Relief from a heavy administrative workload, making your life so much easier. / You only pay for hours actually worked. Interiman Group’s expertise allows us to offer a range of services, according to your specific requirements.

Try & Hire

If your business is in the process of creating a position, you need to be sure that the person you appoint will be fully compatible with your corporate culture, and have the precise attributes needed to fill the role. The Try & Hire solution is ideal for businesses in this situation, to avoid the risks involved in making an appointment immediately with only the standard trial period. Instead, we will hire the applicant as a temp for their first 3 months. If their performance is fully satisfactory during that time, you can then take them on permanently, at no extra charge.


Or as well as outsourcing the administrative processes involved in staff recruitment, you might want to have us find, select and recruit your staff. If so, this is the solution for you! Our consultants, all highly qualified in their specialist areas, will apply all their skills to find the right employee for the project you have in mind.

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