What does “sustainability” mean to the Interiman Group?

While profitable growth remains our core concern, we believe that some of our profits should also go towards enhancing the well-being of our employees.

That means taking steps to keep all staff in good physical and mental health and happy with their home and work situation, and providing access to training and education and opportunities to engage in lifetime learning to keep developing their skills.

But we also believe that better conditions for today’s employees must not come at the expense of future generations. That means ensuring the preservation of the natural resources fundamental to our very existence: a plentiful supply of clean water, green spaces and forests, raw materials, clean air, and so on.

An active commitment to sustainability requires a long-term approach based on realistic and clearly-defined objectives: a more cohesive in-house operation, development opportunities for our employees, purchasing policies structured around fair and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, reducing our consumption of natural resources, etc.

Interiman Group is certified to ISO 14001:2015, and has laid down a set of twenty commitments for they way we do business.